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Our Mission

At iClose.io, we see every person as a success story in the making. That is why we spare no expense when it comes to cultivating, supporting, and empowering our teams. Every person must choose their own path. But once chosen, those that follow their path with positivity and coach-ability will succeed and continue to be successful with us regardless of their past experiences, current circumstances, or future market conditions.

Do I need a ton of sales experience to be approved?

Not necessarily. There's a chance that you'll have more success if you already have sales experience, but we offer free sales training to any new sales rep that we invite to join our team.

Are these remote sales positions?

A majority of the jobs that we staff are remote sales positions. This means that you can work from anywhere in the world.

How do you find the offers in need of salespeople?

Our company is contracted by businesses who are looking to grow their sales team. We turn down any offers that don't meet our standard requirements.

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